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None-Contact Level Sensor 

The Ultrasonic level sensor provides short to long distance detection with high resolution measurement. it's designed to be use in harshest environments ideal for any demanding application. Extremely weather resistant IP69, the sensor is fully encapsulated to protect the electronics from moisture and water ingress. 

Low power, reliable, rugged, light weight is a low cost and affordable depth sensor on the market. The Ultrasonic depth sensor measures up to 10 meter range with an accuracy resolution of 1mm. 


  • Operating Voltage 2.7V to 5.5V 

  • Resolution of 1mm

  • Operating Temperature -40C to +65C

  • Average Current Consumption at 3.3V is 2.5mA 

  • 5m or 10m Range Sensor Option

  • TTL, RS232 and Analog voltage output available

  • Weather Resistant IP69

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Ultrasonic Depth Sensor, Water Depth measurement