RCC5 Pump Station Logger

Wireless Modem

Battery Pack

Low Power Consumption

External Antenna

Analog or Digital Amp clamp sensor detection

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pump logger, RCC5, remote sense, flow monitoring

RCC5 Wireless Pump Station Data Logger

The RCC5 is a 4G LTE wireless portable battery powered monitor. It's designed for monitoring the usage on/off runtimes of process machinery such as sewage lift station, motors, compressors, blowers and many more.. 

Multiple sensor ports allow you to connect Amp Clamp and Rain gauge sensors. 

The RCC5 Field Ready wireless monitor comes equipped with capability of connecting analog or digital Amp clamp sensors without the need of extra configurations.

Remote Sense field software allow users to easily configure all parameters within your application in a matter of minutes.


  • GSM / GPRS 4G LTE wireless modem 

  • Monitor battery voltage and temperature level

  • External antenna

  • Compact unit footprint 

  • Stores over half a million samples 

  • Long battery life

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Long term data retention 

  • IP65 Enclosure 

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