Multi-sensor FLOW MONITORING Platform
-CSO  -SSO  -FLOW  -Water Sampler  -LEVEL

Doppler Pro single AV
Doppler Pro single AV & Level
Doppler Pro non-contact
Doppler Pro Logger
Doppler Pro with sensors

Flow Measurement For Different Applications

DOPPLER Pro is one of the most advanced wireless 

Flow monitors. Extremely lightweight 2.2Kg including the battery, makes it easier for field engineers to carry when vehicle access is not possible. Compact, rugged and lightweight DOPPLER Pro is designed and constructed with impact resistant waterproof case. The multi sensor flow meter is great for customers who wish to monitor or expand their monitoring capabilities for single or multiple applications.

Transmit data anywhere in the world with the supported 4G LTE modem, with the capability of fallback network on previous generation of 2G & 3G.

If you do not see a sensor or parameter within the list or wish to discuss your application please Contact us. 



Click on the image to view PDF specification.

Receive alarm notification by emails and text messages when an alarm event occurs. Upload data to Remote Sense Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP the choice is yours. 

  • GSM / GPRS 4G wireless modem 

  • Highly accurate and reliable flow measurement

  • Monitor voltage and temperature level

  • External antenna 

  • Compact unit footprint 

  • Stores over half a million samples in memory

  • Portable

  • 12V 20Ah rechargeable battery

  • Easy to operate with minimum training required

  • IP67 Enclosure 


4G LTE GSM/GPRS Wireless

Water Resistant

Designed For Low Maintenance

High Accuracy Data Collection